Campagna Oscar 2018

campagna Oscar 2018

A 2017 Nastro d’Argento (Silver Ribbon) Best Italian Docufilm Nominee
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Oscar 2018

Rodolfo Spagone

Rodolfo Spagone, the main character homeless of "AL DI QUA", has died on Wednesday November 23rd, 2017, due to health reasons related to his homeless life.

Rodolfo Spagone, the main character homeless of my documentary film "AL DI QUA", has died on Wednesday November 23, 2017. I am very sad and very shaken. I cared for Rodolfo very much and I'm sure he loved me too. He was a very sweet and dear person. Unfortunately, what is happening in the movie is what unfortunately is happening in reality, and this reality happens more and more often. This time, though, Rodolfo really went to Heaven. There is a way to remember him. That the authorities, the politicians finally deal with the poverty problems of the homeless, abandoned to themselves. Rodolfo was a homeless, he did not have a home, he did not have a job. His life was a constant struggle, sleeping on the street. He died of pneumonia. He was one of the 4.8 million people living and dying in absolute poverty in Italy. In the United States there are 40 million people in the same situation. Rodolfo died at age 60. Rodolfo says in the movie: "Dreams? Having a home, a job, being set." When Rodolfo saw "AL DI QUA’" he cried for the first time, during the length of the entire movie. Antonino, another star in the film, says: "I wanted to express a wish for all of us who are living on the street, and I am still in it, and I wish for all of us to have a home, because we deserve it. A home for everybody ". At the moment I'm in Los Angeles for the Oscar campaign of my docu-film "AL DI QUA”. I visited the Skid Row, the in the whole neighborhood there where thousands of homeless people, abandoned to themselves, in their tents. It's a terrible Dante’s infernal ring. This must end, in the US as well as in Italy and the rest of the world. They are all our brothers. We should all be brothers. An income, a home, and a job for everyone. And fewer differences."

Corrado Franco Film director and producer of AL DI QUA

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